Watching, Wearing, Wanting | #1

Watching, Wearing, Wanting, Wednesday is very easy, all you have to do is list something that falls into those three categories. It can be bookish or non bookish related! This meme was created by Ashley at Parttimebooknerd and she says it is free to use by anyone, so, here is mine!

Watching –

I recently watched this with my daughter and really enjoyed it, as you can tell by the title, it is loosly based around the era of Jane Austen.

It is a ‘themepark’ stlyle resort that one can immerse oneself into the world of  Austen Romanticism, and an American lady called Jane Hayes a complete and utter Austen Nerd who scrapes together all her money to take a trip there.

She meets all sorts of different personalities and it has a humour of which I found really entertaining.

Do not watch it, if you are expecting a serious rendition of anything Austen, you will be dissapointed, but do watch if you want to have a little giggle and spend roughly 90 minutes watching a comedy then this is for you!

Goodness me, why can I not write something without waffling………. sigh

Wearing –


I am going to admit to you that I am still in my Pj’s, yes, its lunch time and no I am not ashamed, In fact I might go as far as to saying, that will probably be on my person for many hours to come!

They are gloriously warm and soooo comfy!




Wanting –

well,, where do I start, My Amazon wish list has about 600 items in it, spanning from when I made my account and that was many yeras ago.

This is a book blog and I do kind of want to suggest a few books , but I am going to go for something else on this occasion.

Gosh….so many things…..

Really am struggling here…..

I have always wanted a really nice PC that I can play World of Warcraft on without bugging out and lagging , my laptop, bless her, does her best and I am thankful of it, but it would be nice to play with amazing graphics.

Did not provide a picture, as I have no idea what  am looking for.

Thanks Ashley for letting me do this and tell me, what is your Watching , Wearing , wanting list?






2 thoughts on “Watching, Wearing, Wanting | #1

    1. You must! and tell me what you thought, I really wanted this to be real so I could take a visit!
      Thank you for taking the time to comment 🙂

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