Waiting on Wednesday #1

Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by ‘Breaking the Spine‘ that spotlights upcoming books that we are are looking forward to reading, so feast your eyes on the delectable delights that I wish to adorn my hive in the future

I have chosen books that have not yet been published that am eargerly awaiting in the coming weeks, I have put an order in with my local bookseller Professor Bumble, so hopefully he will buzz them over to me asap!

I have been a ‘fan’ of Maas ever since she wrote ‘Throne of Glass’ andΒ  personally think it is going on way too long, but that is a future discussion, so I have turned my attentions to her Fae series and am enjoying it to a greater degree, this will be the third of the series and am keenly awaiting publication very soon on 2/5/17.

This carries on with the tale of a human who killed a wolf in a forest near her, only to be dragged off to fae land to answer for her actions, her captor, a striking fae lord named Tamlin, she starts off his captor but soon becomes more involved in him and his world…..

Beautiful covers and so far a wonderful fantasy book


I just adore Historical fiction particularly of the Tudor period and this is book two of a six books series, it chronicles the life and times of each wife of the famous / infamous King Henry Vlll of England.Β  I have listened to the first book via my audible subscription, but I also have the physical copy, and by golly is a hefy tome, my poor arms!

This I am told is going to be off a similar heft, so I had better get eating me some honey, got to get my strength up!

This is the Queen that fascinates me the most, out of all of the six, so, anticipating a jolly good read, will be interesting to see how Weir portrays her.

Will be in my pollen filled hands, hopefully by 18/5/17, trust me, my schedule will be cleared for this and my drones will have to keep me in plentiful supply of nourishment.


Oh Mr Grice, How I have missed you!

This is the Fifth – if i am not mistaken – of the Gower Street Detective novels, Mr Sidney Grice personal detective, Not private, but personal, oh my hive, do not call him private.

He is a man that not many people like, but he is credited with a sharp mind and an aptitude for solving crime, you will no doubt find him either in a Tea Room or picking away at evidence in a Victorian backalley somewhere in London.

He took in his gaurdian March Middleton, and ever since have been ‘working’ together to solve murders that seem unsolvable, I love the wit the Author has written into Mr Grice, but can also in turn be quite a rude odieus gentleman, but he makes me chuckle.

I have to mention Molly, his housemaid, she is a hive short of a queen , if you get my meaning, but she too is quite endearing and I love the scenes in which she occupies.

Each book delivers a new crime, so the stories are refreshing, yet familair, because you are aquanited with the cast.


I hope that you enjoyed my selection and perhaps encouraged you to look into these for yourself.

Please let me know your thoughts and leave me a message, lets buzz about it!

I have to go now, one of my naughty droens have gone to sleep… have to go and poke him… naughty drone!



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5 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday #1

  1. Everybody is waiting for A Court of Wings and Ruin, I really should start reading these books. They have been in my tbr forever now lol. Hope you enjoy reading all the three book s when you get to them!
    Here’s my WoW

  2. I really loved the first book and can’t wait to get round to reading the others, tell me what you think! Love the bright colours on this page also, smashing job πŸ™‚

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