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I bought this because I had read some good reviews……damn, I want my money back….

I find it fascinating when old stories, particulary fairytales, get pulled apart and re-sewn with another imagination and stand point, a kind of down side up and an inside out kind of way, i like to see the tilt that the new writer can spin out of that fabled tale, this one however, had me stopping in my tracks, heels down and skidding to a halt……

I bougt this in kindle format because at the time, it came with a audio download, and I love my audiobooks, so thought it would be a good way to read at home and listen at work combo.

For me, a good audiobook, not only delivers a great storyline, but also comes with a good narrator too, this, from the start, did not sit well with me and took me a while to get into, trying to get used to the breathy narration – admitedly, I had just finished a series that I really loved, so was still in a book hangover from that – so continued …for about thirty minutes and just pressed stop and put on some music instead, purging myself with some Ellie Goulding.

Never being a one to give up too easily, I switched to the kindle version, but alas found that a bit of a chore.

As the title describes, this is a tale of a Woodcutter, who is tasked, through his family line to keep the peace in the the Twelve Kingdoms of Man and the Realm of the Faerie, this he does with aplomb, until he finds a dead body, a young woman, no clues or sign of why or how, she was there, but he sets about trying to find the mother to give her the grave news and seek answers, soon finds out, that she is a pixie addelled hoare who couldn’t give a shit offering him her bedroom services instead.

I found it a mish mash, folklore and thier players picked out form the ether that is storyland and seemingly rammed in, a bit of Red Riding hood here, a smattering of Snow white, there and the slight reference to the seven dwarves, not forgetting the body having a glass slippers on and magical beast in a druidic forest,a water god, some pixies and of course fae ( when are they not featured, these day, i ask myself)  and then feck me, Odyn and his hounds come bounding in, this folks, is where I pressed stop and swiped cancel.


Nobody is going to like everything, it would be boring otherwise, and sorry … well ..not sorry that I may have trashed your favourite book, this just WAS NOT FOR ME, hence only a little bit of honey

Perhaps If I had of persevered, then I might have got into the story a but more, but I am one of those readers that  have no hesitation to stamp a big DNF on the books that I do not finish or like – for whatever reason.

I like the cover however, so its not all bad!!

That’s all for me today, I shall be buzzing off, do my queenly duties for the day, keep in touch and stay tuned 🙂

TTFN and have a bumbling good day!







The Woodcutter Book Cover The Woodcutter
Kate Danley
Fantasy / Fairytale Retelling / Teen
47 North
Kindle and Audio
Bought myself

Deep within the Wood, a young woman lies dead. Not a mark on her body. No trace of her murderer. Only her chipped glass slippers hint at her identity.

The Woodcutter, keeper of the peace between the Twelve Kingdoms of Man and the Realm of the Faerie, must find the maiden’s killer before others share her fate. Guided by the wind and aided by three charmed axes won from the River God, the Woodcutter begins his hunt, searching for clues in the whispering dominions of the enchanted unknown. ( Goodreads)



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