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                                                                        “Welcome to Creepesville”

The Roanoke girls seem to have it all. But there’s a dark truth about them that’s never spoken. Every girl either runs away or dies.

Lane is one of the Lucky ones, after her mother dies, she spends a long and hot summer at the Roanoke house with her grandparents, she found out what it was like to be a Roanoke girl and she ran….

Until eleven years later, she has to go back, her cousin is missing…


  • Hardcover: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (9 Mar. 2017)
  • Source : Bought myself


I loved this book, this book made me uncomfortable, yet it gave me the feels, this book kept calling to me, when I was unable to read, it made me turn the pages eating up the text as I went, this book made me think.

I have not read a book that has actually made me feel like this in a long long time and it was a great feeling.

The subject matter of this tale is not for the fainthearted and morally wrong in everyway and I applaud Engel for writing it.

It is a testament to her writing skills that I wanted more, and I felt bad, how could I be enjoying a book so much that I want to just sit and read and read, when some charecters in this tale were so abhorent.

If you have read this book, then please continue, If you have not then, we are taking a left into spoiler-town, so be warned!



This book deals with primarly with incest, alcoholism and generally one big fuck up of a family, that posisons each generation of girls.

We get a family tree at the beginning of the book and I had to keep looking at it, to remind myself of the lineage at times, so this was a great help.

Yates and Lillian Roanoke Grandparents and stand in parents are the main reason that this family are spectularly disfunctional, even though they are invloved in the story quite heavily, they do seem to simmer in the background.

Lane is the child of Camilla, who is the daughter of Yates and Lillian who died, resulting in Lane going to live with her grandparents, hence this story, Camilla – understandably- is a complete lush and very bitter towards her upbringing, and the beginning of the book, Lane tries to tell her mother of a dream she had of Roaonke, thinking it was all princessy, but her mother shot her down and I think it really sets the book up, it really made me ask myself why? what goes on in that place –


“…When I woke up, I stated to tell my mother about it…”

“You didn’t even let me tell you! I whined”

“Did you wake up screaming?”

“…Did you wake up screaming?”

I shook my head, confused and a little scared. “No”

She looked back out of the window. “Then it was nothing like that”

So, Lane ends up in Kanasas, at the Ranch and meets her rather bold and brash cousin Allegra, Lane meets up with two local boys and they hook up, Allegra and Tommy, Lane and Cooper, who seem to time the time either drinking themselves to oblivion or having sex, I had to keep reminding myself that they were in fact only about 14 or 15, which makes it even more abhorent, when you find out that Grandfather Yates was fucking them all, his daughter and Granddaughters.

Engel wrote this so well, she wrote him like he was this amazingly handsome man that seems to drip charm from his very fingertips, and have this air about thim that just made the main charecters in this story want him.

I really liked that fact that we get then and now chapters, because you live as the adult Lane, the Lane that ran, the Lane that made a concious decision to get the fuck out ofthere, but also, you read in the ‘Now’ chapters the Lane that was dragged back to that awful place when Allegra goes missing.

I am not going to completely spoil this for you, as I want you to read it and let the story unfurl under your nose and with every page turn, when I finished the book, I was happy in some ways, I would have liked to have seen some changes, but actually thinking about it ( writing this after about three days of starting this review and finishing the book) it was a pleasant ending.

I will admit to after finishing this, I found it difficult to start another book after this, I really have no idea what to read next, as I feel like I am on a book hangover, I loved her writing so much, but have looked at her other books and really they do not appeal…..

……what to do?……….

I just have this need inside me that I NEED to have a book on the go at all times and feel a tad lost, suggestions PLEASE!!

Has a book ever done this to you?

Lets talk about it!

Thanks for dropping by and reading my scribble, hope you have a great day!


















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