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Alison Weir | Six Tudor Queens | Audiobook

I love my History and a historical novel, for me, always seems to be from the Tudor period, I just love that era for some reason, so SIX TUDOR QUEENS  by ALISON WEIR is a prime example of my choices.

I do have the physical copy of this and believe me, its a chunky monkey, as my poor bee arms tired of holding this mighty tome, so thought I would use my AUDIBLE montly sub to listen to it instead, plus the fact I am lucky enough to be able to listen at work, so this is where I mostly have the time to plug up.

So, onto the chat….

As the title suggests, this is all about the life of Katherine of Aragon, the moment she is on the boat coming over from Spain to marry Arthur Prince of Wales and heir to the English throne.

If you know your history – and I do – then you know what is to come, but still, I really enjoyed the narrative and Mash the narrator made an excellent job with the voices and the accents.

Katherine marries the prince only to be widowed some time afterwards and after much ruminations into her fate, she marries Harry, her dead husbands brother years later.

The story continues with the particulars of thier courtly life and details many attempts in procuring a son and heir, as we know, Mary was to be the only child that survived out of infancy.

Henry, it seemed, was a loving husband, until he became obssessed with the securing a male heir, especially when it became evident that Katherine was unable to concieve anymore he put her through misery, with his womanising and ill treatment of her, especially when she refused to be put aside for Anne Boleyn.

I admire her greatly for this, her reslove, her un-compromising love and faith she had for Henry, and ultimatly she died pretty much alone, still wanting the best for him.

I have found it quite tricky not to waffle on about the full particulars of this tale, as the whole point of this blog is to be able to tell the reader about said book without being hit by a wall of overly wordy text as I enjoyed this tremendously. This is not the first time I have read a Weir book and I am pretty sure that it is not going to be the last either, as this is the first of a six part series, each book featuring a different wife and I cannot wait to have them all!

There is SO much more to this entertaining book and I throughly recommend it, both to read and to listen to.

Well, I must buzz off now, the Hive needs me, come back soon and share some honey with me and remember always


1 thought on “Alison Weir | Six Tudor Queens | Audiobook

  1. This is one of my favourite books as is the tudor history, i listened to it in audio-book form aswell and it was really good 🙂 I love reading your blog reviews especially about your take on the Katherine Aragon, Anne Boleyn and Henry Tudor love triangle in one of your paragraphs, Please review more Tudor books! 🙂

    Tudor fan 😀

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